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In HightecKnology

Our team works with the latest technology equipment when they design and support automation or control systems in factories, commercial buildings, and other structures.
In addition to wiring a building's electrical system, our team install coaxial or fiber optic cable network for computers and other communications equipment simultaneously.

Our technical personnel, are trained to maintain all low voltage systems and follow the requirements, including, fire alarm and security systems.

Our Team also assist emergency power systems, in small and medium range, feeded with gas, gasoline, diesel or, solar. Including manual transfer or, auto transfer electronic for industrial equipment.


As contractors HightecKnology has enormous resources for Fire Systems, Power Light, Air/Conditioning, Access Control, Building Automation.

Our Engineers and technicians design, supervise, test, and maintain all our systems for a variety of purposes, including climate control, security, surveillance, communications and automation. We also may install and maintain the electronic controls for machines in business and industry. Although most of our Technicians are specialized in either support or maintenance


All our constructions follow the National Electric Code and comply with State and local building codes, or NFPA recommendations, when we install these systems in factories, offices and dwells


One of the strong profiles in HightecKnoloy is in marinas construction where we have deep experience, especially with sensible equipment for environment applications. We follows strictly the NEC rules in each installation reducing to the minimum any risk where the people is moving and preserving the nature.

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