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What Is HightecKnology.

HightecKnology Inc is a company settled down in the state of the Florida in 1997, since, HightecKnology has been serving in:

Consulting, Designing, and Integrating protection systems for Personal, Commercial e Industrial application HightecKnology represent the most of security system brands in the United States, and HightecKnology has a team engineers and technicians to evaluate each project in protection systems, to integrate the necessary equipment to recommend in HightecKnology each consultation is carefully evaluated and always solved with the main objective of protecting lives, and so to reduce the risks of material losses or property damages to the minimum.

Like engineering company, specialized in Electrical & Electronic Developments HightecKnology design, and assist fire protection systems and automatic sprinkling or deluging fire extinction systems, we plan, calculate, develop and support sprinkler systems, CO2 systems, FM200 systems etc. We develop monitoring systems for fires controls, burglary controls in commercial and industrial applications, those including systems for transmission and capture of images via Cellular's Radio, MW, PSTN, LAN's, Internet, We develop tracking systems via satellite, radio etc., using GPS info. HightecKnology has a strong background in advanced Telemetry and SCADA systems over regular communication lines and Internet.

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